Mineral Wool Cavity Batt Wall Insulation


Coverage 9M2
Material: Rockwool
Height: 1.2M
Thickness: 50MM
Form: Batts
Pieces: 15
Application: Thermal insulation, Sound absorption, Heat proofing, Wall Cavity


The Earthwool® glass wool insulation: ceiling batt range includes a selection of R-values to provide builders, designers, and installers the opportunity to choose the best thermal performance for their project. Earthwool glasswool insulation: ceiling batt will improve the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of the building in which it has been installed thus keeping it cool in the dry season and warm in raining season.

The super-soft and easy-to-handle benefits of Earthwool glasswool have been further enhanced with TwinTech®. TwinTech® heralds another advancement in insulation manufacture — the dual forming technique ensures there is a smooth finish on both sides of the insulation, which improves product handling and appearance. Earthwool glasswool insulation: ceiling batt is made using up to 80% recycled glass and with ECOSE® Technology, a sustainable, bio-based binder that contains no added formaldehyde.

Enhanced moisture resistance with DriTherm® technology. Earthwool glasswool insulation is a silicone treatment, which provides moisture resistance. Limitations on Use
Earthwool glasswool insulation must be stored under cover and in dry conditions.
Heavy objects must not be stacked on the packs. The packs must be stored in an orientation that avoids excessive compression of the product

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100MM, 50MM


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