Your Guide To Soundproof Insulation In Ghana

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Sound proof insulation calm the chaos and make your house a home with soundproof insulation. Sound insulation materials reduce the transmission of unwanted noise between internal walls and floors. Rockwool Slabs and Knauf Earthwool Rolls are the most popular noise reduction products in Ghana.

Browse through our range of acoustic floor insulation and acoustic wall insulation products today and find a product to create a more relaxed, peaceful home environment all day, every day.


What Is Acoustic Soundproof Insulation?

Acoustic soundproof insulation, otherwise known as acoustic insulation, is all about adding mass; and layers upon layers of dense materials. When sound waves travel through the air, they pass from material to material in vibrations.

The more mass that a sound wave has to travel through, the fewer vibrations that will reach the other side of the material. A dense insulation roll or slab can dampen sound waves and cause them to dissipate, so you can no longer hear noises from other rooms, or outside.

The material that you choose to insulate your space with also has an impact on the volume of the noise that you hear. Glass mineral and rock mineral are the two most popular choices for noise insulation that can reduce noise pollution in your home.

Rockwool Soundproof Acoustic Slabs

When it comes to soundproofing your home, Rockwool Acoustic insulation is simply unrivalled. Rockwool Insulation is the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable, non-combustible stone wool insulation.

Rockwool’s range is made from rock mineral, which absorbs sound and provides excellent sound isolation between floors and internal walls.

These high-quality acoustic and thermal insulation resin bonded slabs not only do a cracking job of soundproofing, but they also feature phenomenal fire resistance properties proven as non-combustible rating. Rockwool is also water repellent – promising maximum protection for the lifetime of your build.

Each slab contains layers and layers of dense materials for maximum sound absorption. They have a density of 45kg/m3, making them excellent for people who want sound-deadening insulation.

Our Rockwool insulations range from 1200mm by 600mm acoustic insulation slabs. They can fit between standard stud partitions and joists with ease.

Acoustic Insulation Rolls

Acoustic insulation rolls are designed to improve your quality of life by dampening sounds from one level to the next.

Knauf Insulation is one of the most trusted manufacturers of sound-deadening insulation rolls. The acoustic roll in the Knauf Earthwool range is made from glass wool fibres (fiberglass insulation). Glass, unlike rock, is a good conductor of sound. The manufacturing process helps to create a material that is resistant to sound transmission.

When it comes to acoustic insulation, it pays to invest in dense, thick rolls. 100mm Earthwool acoustic rolls are the thickest sound-deadening rolls in the Knauf Acoustic insulation range. Made from glass mineral wool, they contain thousands of minuscule air pockets which trap sound as it passes through, muffling noise and thus reducing noise transmission. Knauf glass wool rolls have a minimum density of 10kg/m3.

Thanks to Knauf’s innovative ECOSE Technology, this range of slabs is a lot softer and fluffier than its glass mineral cousins. Rolls in the Earthwool range are 1200mm and have perforations at 600mm for ease of installation. Like the Rockwool slabs, Knauf rolls are rated A1 (non-combustible) on the Euroclass scale.

Acoustic rolls are often perforated to standard measurements. You can simply roll the product out into your pre-measured floor space. Rolls are also ideal for uneven walls. They are flexible, meaning you can manipulate them to fit around pipes and even roof beams.


Eartheool Sound proof

What Is the Best Insulation for Soundproofing?

The type of insulation that you choose depends on your circumstances. There are lots of advantages of choosing either rock mineral or glass wool insulation. Here are a few things to consider when making your choice.

  • Density – Rock mineral wool is far denser than glass wool, which means that it performs better as soundproofing insulation.
    Installation – Rock mineral wool slabs are far more rigid than glass wool rolls. They are also resin bonded. Rolls are better for difficult, uneven areas that would not suit rigid slabs.
  • Fire – Both rock mineral and glass wool acoustic insulation materials are rated A1 (non-combustible) on the Euroclass scale. The Euroclass scale regulates the classification of insulation materials across Europe.
  • Price – If you are searching for cheap acoustic soundproof insulation products, you should browse through our glass wool rolls. Glass wool insulation is up to 10% cheaper than the rock mineral wool alternative. However, being less dense than rock mineral wool, it doesn’t achieve the same levels of acoustic performance.
  • Moisture – Rock mineral wool is resistant to water. You do not have to worry about sag or rot when you choose rock mineral slabs as acoustic insulation for partition walls, cavity walls and floors. Glass wool insulation is not as resistant to moisture. When moisture takes hold of glass wool rolls, they become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and mildew. People who live in areas with high rainfalls often choose rock mineral wool slabs.

How to Cut Acoustic Soundproof Insulation?

Whether you buy sound reduction insulation for walls or acoustic insulation for floors, you might need to cut your insulation down to size. Pipes, cables, and joists can get in the way of a perfect finish. Even if you have bought noise insulation that perfectly fits between your studs, it is worth knowing how to resize it.

Lots of people think that they need specialist equipment to cut insulation. You can cut rock and glass wool insulation with a simple serrated knife. Utility knives are another popular choice, but they do dull quickly. We recommend marking your measurements and using a guide (such as a straight piece of wood) to keep your cuts accurate

Always wear safety gloves, aprons, and goggles. If you are concerned about health and safety, consult with a professional before making any cuts.

How Does Acoustic Soundproof Insulation Work? 

Acoustic insulation products are designed to bring harmony to loud homes. The fibre matrix of sound proof insulation encourages the absorption of sound waves, whereas other insulation types simply let the sound pass through. If your walls and floors are not insulated, there are very few barriers for the sound waves to get through. The more layers the vibrations have to travel through, the fewer that will make it into the next room.

With acoustic insulation roll, acoustic insulation slab or acoustic insulation boards hugging your home you can minimise the impact of these noises and bask in sweet, manufactured silence.

We stock a range of acoustic insulation solutions that will reduce airborne noise and help you restore peace in your home.