Emilkote High Quality Bituminous Emulsion


Datasheet: Application
Density: 1.02 kg/dm3
Type: Bituminous Emulsion
Breaking Strength: 2288 Lbs / 1038
Application: Basement, Cold Applied
Brand Name: EMULZER
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It is a ready-to-use waterproofing material obtained by mixing water and bitumen by using special methods. By the evaporation of the water it contains, it forms a waterproof layer on the surface it is applied.


It is used on all horizontal and vertical surfaces in closed damp environments such as foundations, underground storehouses, and basements to insulate water leakage. For the applications requiring durability against higher water pressure, and on cracked surfaces, it must be reinforced with materials such as fiber glass, polyester felt, reinforcing fabric, etc.

Emilkote can be used as an undercoat prior to bituminous membrane applications of any brand. Thanks to its superior adherence characteristics, it allows the bituminous membranes under which it is applied to adhere firmly to the surface they are applied, leaving no gap in between.

The alum material obtained by mixing Emilkote with sieved fine sand and cement is applied with a trowel to smooth out and level the surface, or to provide a protective coat over insulation.

In parquet flooring applications with hot bituminous materials, it is applied over the alum as an undercoat.

It is applied onto construction molds for easy demolding, and to provide a smooth surface. It prevents concrete curing water from damaging molds.


It is very economical.

Due to its inflammable and non-toxic characteristics it can be safely used in closed spaces.

Because it contains water, it enables good adhesion even when the surface is moist.

By the evaporation of the water it contains, it forms a waterproof and water-insoluble layer.


Emilkote is a cold applied material.

After having mixed with water with a ratio of approximately 20%, it is applied with a bitumen brush, roller, or pistol. Depending on weather conditions, it dries in approximately 4-5 hours.

It should not be applied in rainy weather, or at temperatures below +5°C.

Each coat must be applied only after the preceding one is completely dry.


400 g/m² for each coat

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