Modern Door And Window Canopies


Lenght: 1200MM
Width 1500
Thickness: 3MM
Weight: 15KG

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Sleek and modern designed Polycarbonate Canopies (awnings) providing 99% UV protection. They allow natural light but protect against sun and rain. They also beautify the property. Door and Window Canopies (or Awnings) offer protection from the sun and rain. The real gem is that Door and Window Canopies (or awnings) save energy and protect furniture, floors, and carpets from fading.

It is used for shelter to prevent rain, sun, and wind. Door and Window Canopies can be used in most areas that require an openable door and window. Door and Window Canopies can be placed higher on walls than most openable doors and windows and can be located over furniture or benches but still allow access to the door and window for an opening; this makes them highly practical in bathrooms and kitchens.


  • Less maintenance and more shelter
  • Makes a pivot or a flush Dorset a reality
  • A modern front door canopy or porch can be a design feature
  • Door and Window Awnings Contribute to Your Home’s Aesthetic
  • They Make Homes More Energy-Efficient — No Matter the Season
  • They Prevent Indoor/Outdoor Furniture from Fading
  • Door and Window Awnings Can Create an Extended Living Area
  • Enable Ventilation Even When It’s Raining
  • Protect Your Windows From Rain and Snow


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