14MM Polyester Rope, Pulling Cord, with High Strength 48 Strands Nylon Core


Material: Polyester:
Length: 182.9M
Thickness: 14MM
Breaking Strength: 2288 Lbs / 1038
Tensile Strength: 572 Lbs / 260 kg
Strands: 48pcs
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2288 lbs Breaking Strength
With 2288 lbs breaking strength, 572 lbs working strength, 3/8 inch in diameter, this polyester rope is designed to come to long time use.
Polyester Rope:
Excellent resistance to sunlight rays, rot, mildew, extreme weather help it outlast any mainstream ropes you could buy. Durability is ensured.
48pcs Nylon Core
48pcs of nylon strands play a vital role in preventing cracking and providing great pulling force and abrasion resistance.
Smooth & Soft
Excellent Performance
Better density and spreading-proof characteristics make it a better choice than the polypropylene rope. You could tailor the length you need for this polyester rope.
Wide Application
Indoor and outdoor uses are also allowed. Our rope is an ideal choice for flagpole halyard, camping, tying, pet leash, clothesline, swing, etc.
Skid-proof & soft surface makes the rope to be easily woven and knotted. For your beloved pets like mule, horse or dog, they would get along with each other well.
This polyester rope boasts 2288 breaking strength and 572 tensile strength, and excellent resistance to sunlight rays, various weather. 48pcs of nylon core strands ensure great pulling force and abrasion resistance, perfect for your daily work and activities!

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